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The Aimpes CAD software, released in 1994, was initially intended for the mere project design activity with the aid of CAD. At that stage, it was providing 2 main modules: the design module (AutoCAD application) and the module for numeric data control (database). The AutoCAD utilization as a design tool was based on various features: flexibility, wide distribution, easy learning, …winning choices determining the success of AutoCAD as the leading and more appreciated software for technical design over 10 years of worlwide distribution.

The choice of implementing Aimpes CAD with a module for handling the product (addressed to leather industries) rendered this software unique and innovative when compared with any other competitive software and opened the way to its utilization in many other industrial fields. The basic concept of this development is the consideration that the design process is not a separate activity in a company (like a self-acting company) and that many of the operations daily carried out by the design operators have to be shared in real time with all the other productive areas. Of course, thanks to the bi-directional work-flow of data, the designers will also be able to select their activities, leaving out those not pertaining to their role, and operating in the mere engineering of the product.

At present, the software is offered in two different versions: FULL Version and Office Version. The main difference between the two softwares is that the FULL version contains a design set up for the design planning, leading to the CAD planning, while the Office version offers a visualization of the design works, leaving out the possibility to create or to publish them. The alfa-numerical side of management of the database is common in both versions. A thourough management of the classified users, divided in groups of belonging , gives an immediate view on the possible operations, selecting and/or limiting them , creating in this way an unique variation for each user.

Respect for tradition

The century old art of designing leather articles is combined with the technical ability to create models. Aimpes CAD provides the user with complete freedom of form and shape which is also free of body structure constraints so typically present in the footwear or clothing industry. It was strictly developed with all traditional design phases in mind while adding the characteristic precision and speed of computer systems. The manual calculation of the requirements and production needs are easily or even automatically generated through Aimpes CAD with unparalleled time savings compared to manual methods. Aimpes CAD is therefore a secure investment in technological innovation for any company wishing to computerize their entire design and production processes while fully respecting craftsmanship.

Graphic design

The graphic part of Aimpes CAD is based on the celebrated AutoCAD® software which acts as a 'graphic engine' enhanced by numerous additional commands specifically devised for leather goods. Design is performed using a software-generated grid with an easily understandable structure: each row is part of the article while each column is a material or a manufacturing process (as long as it can be represented graphically). New patterns can be created from a drawn pattern by complying with the perimeter's lengths (turn) including even the seam distance. Commands to create tucks, stitches, edges or pinches, to insert notches into a pattern and move them on different patterns, so creating figures normally used in the leather goods industry by simply providing the sizes, and many more commands make Aimpes CAD a powerful graphic tool that always keeps to the traditional design methods for each detail.

Cutting and printing of paper-patterns

Once the model is complete, special commands allow the creation of 'plotting tables' that will be used to print/cut the dress patterns later. The arrangement of the patterns is saved together with the model, thus making it possible to print/cut the series at any time of choosing.

Connection with most diffuse material cutting systems

Complete management of all communication parameters means DXF AAMA customized files can be exported. Consequently, Aimpes CAD can be used in combination with the most common cutting systems, so a model can be designed and be either immediately prototyped and/or passed on to the production phase, completely bypassing the time and cost of manual cutting or socket punch production.

Sectors Involved

CAD Modeling

  • 2D/3D model design planning
  • Automatic start of material and processes components
  • Automatic calculation of the sfridi
  • Print and cut of paper modelling
  • Start of file download of the templates to the cut systems


  • File start for their input in the cut systems
  • Visualization of the technical cards of the articles
  • Selection of the articles (reports, photos, drawings and so on) to be sent to the outside companies for external processes

System requirements

  • Aimpes CAD needs AutoCAD and SQL Server Database
  • Intel® Pentium® 5 o 7 processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8 o Windows 8.1
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 500GB of available hard-disk space
  • Full HD video resolution
  • 24'' monitor

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