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Software for all users who, though they do not need design, wish to access data, enter or edit materials in the management system, manage the photographic archive, calculate requirements and costs, generate production lists, etc. Using Aimpes CAD Office means designs in the archives can be displayed as it includes a simple, separate, and economical program for this purpose.



Aimpes CAD e Aimpes OFFICE features (italian with subtitle - video 13:57 min)

Aimpes CAD in 1 minute


Aimpes CAD features in 60 seconds (italian with subtitle - video 01:06 min)



Calculation of consumption and estimation of costs

During the design of an article, material consumption and processing costs are calculated in real time. The materials that are not represented graphically (accessories) can be inserted manually, while the pattern drawn will return the exact quantity of material necessary, which increases in accordance with 3 waste calculation phases:

  • waste due to the minimum cutting distance
  • waste due to the pattern's shape
  • waste due to the type of material

Even in this phase the classic system used in traditional design has been strictly reproduced. The possibility of intervening manually in every part of the calculation allows the system to easily adapt to the conditions of the various uses (with particular materials or manufacturing processes). The exclusive use of the 'Sets of materials in the collection' also allows all cost estimations to be performed in real time making Aimpes CAD an essential tool for the company's commercial decisions.

Generation of lists, bill of materials and reports

The program contains the most common list forms used in the leather goods industry, and it has numeric lists that can be imported into management systems and graphical lists so sketches and photos for both the articles and for the materials can be inserted. The graphic lists can be generated for both single articles and for batch production with consequent grouping of both materials and of variations.

Involved sectors:

Style sector (plus a .dwg format file reader)

  • Creation of brands, collections, models and so on
  • Choice of colours and materials to combine with the lines of products creating variation lists
  • Control on combining materials with the finishing processes of accessories
  • Creation of drafting note pads, containing photographs, images, drawings and other useful data for the following technical planning of modelling.
  • Real time analysis on the process of the model planning
  • Visualization of technical reports of the articles

Manual modeling (plus a .dwg format file reader)

  • File feeding of photo pictures of the templates of models manually processed and automatic quantity control
  • Automatic start of material and processes components
  • Automatic calculation of the loose factors

Commercial sector

  • Visualization of the whole process of the creation of a collection
  • Visualization of drafts, photographs, design and pertaining documents
  • Visualization of the article reports and lists of production allotments
  • Simulation of the production costs while using different materials

Management sector

  • Feed of materials, colours, processes and so on, as well as import of data from the management sector
  • Creation of cards to feed the management sector
  • Creation of production reports, both with numerical and design features

Managerial sector (plus a .dwg format file reader)

  • Updating of the process development of the entire production
  • Thourough check on the activities … for a final “everything is under control” sensation

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