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CutPLOT is a software for the utilization of AutoCAD cutting plotters with HPGL drivers, overcoming various kinds of problems and adding some very useful activities: Insert, at the head of HPGL file, any strip of features to plan the cutting and the printing phases.

  • Send a plotter any kind of strip of features before performing a pen/tool, to set up speed parameters, speeding up and so on.
  • Choose the order to perform the pens (or cutting tools) with the plotter, changing so the order created by the AutoCAD driver.
  • Following this procedure, the problem of having to deal with a plotter performing cutting operations before writing operations is overcome. Furthermore, it is possible to set up the order of cuts, performing the inside operations before, leaving the outline operations at the end.
  • Insert, at the head of a HPGL file, any kind of strip of features, as addressing the head of the plotter to a specific position (as necessary when changing the paper or the material) and to put the plotter off line for a better security during the change of the tool.


CutPLOT controls the input of the printing files to the serial plotters as they would be connected to a parallel door or in Ethernet, increasing in this way the quality of the control on the printing spooler from Windows.

This operation is processed within Windows, and kept separate from AutoCAD, so it is possible to continue in the design operations while the printing files of the plotter are processed (serial or parallel or Ethernet).

Multiple cuts (in production) are so possible, without applying to AutoCAD in this operation.

CutPLOT, added to an AutoCAD driver, is the solution to convert printing files on the base of the CutPLOT set up, and simultaneously to proceed with the print using the cutting plotter as any other printer set up in Windows.


AutoCAD 2000 / 2010 drivers included in package:

  • MicroCAD EDO cutter/plotters
  • Roland flat-bed cutter/plotters
  • Summagraphics TA series cutter/plotters
  • Mutoh AC/MC series cutter/plotters
  • Lectra Contour cutter/plotters (only AutoCAD 2009 and 2010)
  • All Zund cutter/plotters
  • Wild Leica cutter/plotters (only AutoCAD 2009 and 2010)
  • Sei PLC cutter/plotters

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