Flatbed plotters/cutters EDO 3

Main characteristics:

  • Developed for leather goods, footwear, clothers, packaging, etc..
  • Cut cardboard and plastic board
  • Cutting depth adjusted by a step motor
  • Max cutting deep 2 mm
  • Cutting speed up to 90 cm/sec
  • Compatibility with main widespread cad system



Plotter serie EDO demonstration (video 2:49 min)

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Flatbed cutter MICROCAD - EDO series are designed especially for leather goods, footwear, clothes or any other production sector that needs to cut cardboard or plastic board up to 2mm thick. All made of metal, EDO is stable and stronger than other flatbed cutter of the same price band. The maximum cutting speed is 90 cm/sec and the software resolution is 0,025 mm. The flatbed cutter EDO has liquid-crystal panel and only 8 buttons, so it is very easy to use it. 128Mb buffer can receive considerable size drawing, in order to free the computer for other use. The standard import and export interface adopts HP-GL standard format, so EDO is compatible with main widespread CAD systems.


EDO adopts standard double head structure : it includes two housing, one for the pen and one for the knife. Lowering of pen is controlled by an electromagnet and the knife is vertically guided by a step motor, so an exact adjustment of cutting deep is guaranteed. It is possible to use up to 8 virtual tools, assigning different cutting parameters of speed and depth. The machine adopts steel gears and steel-strenghtened cogged belts Transmission is setted in factory and it does not need further adjustment.


Platform is built with an aluminium plate of 5 mm depth, which is definitely higher than normal standard and it is balanceble to have a correct alignment with cutting. The holed platform serve for vacuum absorption. Its covering is made of antislip material.
The whole machine is based on a pedestal and in the lower part it can carry all the cutting materials.
Electronics is the heart of whole machine, as its performances are the decisive factor to judge cutter’s quality.

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