MicroCAD develops software since 1988. With over 20 years of experience from 1994 is mainly aimed to the leather industries with custom solutions and software totally based on the traditional artisan works.

  • Aimpes CAD

    The unique solution for the leather industry.

    Description The Aimpes CAD software, released in 1994, was initially intended for the mere project design activity with the aid of CAD. At that stage, it was providing 2 main... >>continue

  • Aimpes OFFICE

    The solution for all the team

    Beyond pattern shop Software for all users who, though they do not need design, wish to access data, enter or edit materials in the management system, manage the photographic archive,... >>continue

  • CutPLOT

    Makes your HPGL plotter totally compatible

    Just compatible CutPLOT is a software for the utilization of AutoCAD cutting plotters with HPGL drivers, overcoming various kinds of problems and adding some very useful activities: Insert, at the... >>continue

  • EDO Series Plotters

    The solution for leather industry, packaging and shoes

    Main characteristics: Developed for leather goods, footwear, clothers, packaging, etc.. Cut cardboard and plastic board Cutting depth adjusted by a step motor Max cutting deep 2 mm Cutting speed up... >>continue