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First years

MicroCAD was established in 1987, thanks to the experience and the know how of some experts who have been utilizing informatic means applied to design for some years.

On their start, the main activity of Microcad was limited to the production of desgn numerical processes, assigned by Clients and to the Autocad software, in those times in 2.1 version, as working tool. The wide potential of this software and its many possibilities of utilization by Microcad staff led in no time to a great demand of training courses addressed to operators working at design stations. To meet with this requests at the best of their knowledge and to offer high quality training courses, in 1988 Microcad becomes a Certified Training Center AutoCAD (AutoCAD Training Center) and over the years takes care in setting up group or tailored training courses.

To satisfy a more extensive demand by MicroCAD clients, now requiring tailored AutoCAD softwares in a wide range of implications (civil, mechanical, installation), a third activity was added to the project side and to the organization of AutoCAD training courses. It was the start of the production of appliable softwares and the results soon reached on the whole domestic territory gave way to MicroCAD to become a Autodesk Registered Developer.

In 1992 MicroCAD created the LightCAD software for Philips, meant for the planning and the light- techniical estimate, a product which was distributed directly by MicroCAD afterwards.

In 1994 MicroCAD created the 3D Electronic Offside Control System for Epson Italia SpA, a tridimensional control device in AutoCAD system, which was used during the television live shooting of A. Division football matches by Tele+ braodcasting station.

In the same year a new product, named Aimpes CAD, a software for the planning of leather goods was created for Aimpes, the National Leather Industries Association.

A massive variety of applications, tailored on the needs of each single Client, were also developed and projected, aimed to solve peculiar problems such as parametric projects of oil off-shore platforms for Agip Petroli, number control in the production line of switch heat devices for Climaveneta SpA, parametric projects of frames for bicycles for Nordica SpA, and so on.

Aimpes Servizi Srl, Agip Petroli, AMIU - Venezia, Alpes Inox Spa, Autodesk Spa, Azienda Tramvie e Autobus Comune di Roma, Cassa di Risparmio VR VI BL AN, Climaveneta Spa, CESI Spa, CNR, Enel Spa, Epson Italia Spa, Epson Meteo, Fiat Auto Spa - Alfa Romeo, Fincaer Servizi Spa, FIS Spa, Forgital Spa, Intermetro Spa, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Marmitte Zara Spa, Micrograph Spa, Nordica Spa, Istituto Univer. di Arch. di Venezia, OCSA Spa, Pedrazzoli Spa, Philips Lighting Spa, Pozzobon Prefabbricati Spa, Precompressi Valsugana Spa, Quaker Chiari & Forti Spa, Redwall Spa, RCS - Corriere della Sera, Salvagnini Italia Spa, Seiko Epson Corporation Japan, Sicif Progetti Spa, Sispi Spa, SMEV Srl, Systel International Spa, Tecnomare Spa, Tecnigold Spa, Telepiù and so on, have been receiving over the years MicroCAD services, from the realization of specific applications to consultancy and/or training assistance, and this wide and varied range of activites have been

decisive for Microcad in acquiring a leading experience in the area, which is not so easily comparable to other competitor companies, as many of them are merely commercial oriented.

In 1993, Microcad and two other Italian companies, enter the AutoCAD Dream Team, an European group for the development of AutoCAD applications, a group created and assisted by the European center of Autodesk software development. In 1996, MicroCAD joins ADN, Autodesk Developer Network, Autodesk International Certified Development Group.

Since 2000, MicroCAD have been assisting Epson Meteo, creating support means for weather forecast. Newpapers as Corriere della Sera (regional editions inclusive) and Gazzetta dello Sport are now adopting a software for publishing their data specially created by our company.

At the same time, MicroCAD started in developing a project, named EPE, with Seiko Epson Corporation, for measuring real time results of sport performances in athletic field.

Aimpes CAD software

MicroCAD have been developing and distributing Aimpes CAD since 1994. This PDM/CAD/CAD software for leather industries was initially intended for the mere model planning with the aid of CAD. Since its start, it consisted in two main sections: the graphic section (AutoCAD application) and the section for checking numbers database. AutoCAD, as a design tool , being multifunctional, widely accessible and easily learned, with a variety of possibilities appliable to specific needs, has been over more than 14 years a winning product, confirming AutoCAD as the leading software in technical design, with a world wide utilization and appreciation.

As we considered to widen the utilization of Aimpes CAD, out of its technical design base, and to add to its original frame a system of product management (specially developed for leather -goods industries), we have created a brand new product, appliable to various other lines of industry and completely different from the ones presented by our competitor companies.

The basic concept of this development is the consideration that the design process is not a separate activity in a company (like a self-acting company) and that many of the operations daily carried out but the design processors have to be shared in real time with all the other productive areas.

Of course, thanks to the bi-directional work-flow of data, the designers will also be able to select their activities, leaving out those not pertaining to their role, and operating in the mere engineering of the product. At present, the software is offered in two different versions: CAD Version and Office Version.

The main difference between the two softwares is that CAD version contains a design set up for the design planning, while the Office version offers a visualization of the design works, leaving out the possibility to create or to publish them. The alfa-numerical side of management of the database is common in both versions. A thourough management of the classified users, divided in groups of belonging , gives an immediate view on the possible operations, selecting and/or limiting them , creating in this way an unique variation for each user.

Thanks to these features, the Aimpes CAD/Aimpes Office is now the main leader in the field. Gianni Versace Spa, Fendi Srl, Salvatore Ferragamo Spa, Alviero Martini Spa, Plinio Visonà Srl, Renato Corti Spa, Fontana Pelletterie Spa, Mabi International Spa and Prestige Italia Spa, among many others, are some examples of brands utilizing Aimpes CAD for designing their products.

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