The unique solution.Aimpes CAD MODULE

Aimpes CAD is the software dedicated to graphic design in pattern making.

The full version (with integrated Aimpes BASE Module) is the ideal solution for who wants to computerize their modeling and at the same time organize an efficient management structure involving all company departments.

A technological investment in respect of traditions

Using Aimpes CAD, the entire design and production process is computerized in full respect of artisanal methods: preserving total freedom of shape, the development of the controls follows the traditional design phases, adding only the precision and the speed given by computer systems.

The calculation of the needs and processes generated by the software in a simple and automatic way guarantee a considerable saving of time and a safe investment in technological innovation.

Graphic design

The Aimpes CAD graphic interface is based on the AutoCAD OEM software, used as a “graphic engine” and enhanced by numerous additional commands specifically designed for leather goods.

The project is optimized by a grid generated automatically by the program, which organizes the workspace and reserves a row for each part of the article and a column for each material or process.

This type of subdivision allows to evaluate at a glance which parts still need to be drawn and for each part indicates the material and process needed.

Custom commands

Aimpes CAD has a large command tool developed ad hoc to facilitate the pattern maker’s work.

The create shapes command allows you to create, simply by entering dimensions and characteristics, infinite variations of the shapes most typically used in leather goods.

The create shape command creates shapes based on other parts respecting the lengths of the perimeters while considering the distance of the seam.

In addition to this there are also other short commands to quickly and automatically handle pinces, seams and notches, all respecting the relationship between the various parts.

Pattern cutting

Once the model is completed, it is possible create the “plotting tables” automatically, which are then used to print/cut the paper models.

The nesting command optimizes automatically the space to avoid wasting material.

The optimized arrangement is saved together with the model to be reprinted as needed.

Connection with automatic cutting systems

Aimpes CAD can be used in conjunction with the most popular cutting systems through complete management of communication parameters, which allow customized and adaptable AAMA DXF files to be exported for every need.

The use of a flatbed plotter for prototype creation and/or production at the end of the design process avoids the time and cost involved in manual cutting or die-cutting.

As a result of the high demand for solutions of this type and to optimize technical support, MicroCAD has combined software development with the distribution of EDO Flat Plotters, cost-effective solutions suitable for patternmaking in the quick development of cardboard prototypes.

If you already have a flatbed cutter but want to optimize its compatibility, visit the CutPLOT software page.

graphic design in pattern making Sectors concernedCAD modeling

CAD modeling

• 2D/3D graphic design of the model
• Automatic generation of lists of materials and processes
• Automatic scraps calculation
• Printing/cutting paper patterns
• File Generation for the cutting systems

Production sector

• File generation to send to cutting systems
• Visualization of technical sheets of the articles
• Extraction of articles (cards, photos, drawings, etc.) from the archive to be sent to contractors.


Complete Aimpes Base with Aimpes CAD Module

Thanks to the partnership with Autodesk®, the Aimpes BASE can add the Aimpes CAD Module, the only CAD in the leather goods world to offer AutoCAD® not as an external graphics engine, but as an integrated software. Aimpes BASE MODULE

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