MicroCAD EDO series Plotters

The EDO series MicroCAD flatbed plotters have been expressly designed to be used in the leather goods, footwear, clothing, packaging or any other production sector where it is necessary to cut cardboard or rigid materials up to a thickness of 2 mm

Made entirely of metal, they have a solidity and sturdiness not comparable to other plotters on the market in the same price range. The maximum cutting speed is 95 cm/sec, while the resolution is 0.025 mm.

EDO plotters are equipped with a liquid crystal user interface and only 8 keys, thus allowing operators to learn how to use them in very short time.
The internal buffer of 128 Mb allows to receive very large drawings in one go, thus freeing up the computer for other uses.

The communication interface is HPGL standard making the EDO Series plotters compatible with all the main CAD software.

Cutting Plotter EDO Series

Main features

• Expressly designed for leather goods, footwear, clothing, packaging, etc.
• Cutting or engraving of cardstock or other rigid materials
• Depth of cut regulated by a stepping motor
• Cutting thickness up to 2 mm
• Write/cut speed up to 95cm/sec
• Compatible with all major CAD software
• Industry 4.0 certification


The head

The head includes 2 slots where 1 blade and 1 pen can be installed, allowing to complete writing/cutting without the annoying interruptions due to tool changes.

The lowering of the pen takes place by means of an electro-magnet, while the blade is driven vertically by a stepping motor, allowing precise adjustments of the cutting depth

It is possible to use up to 8 virtual tools by assigning different speed and cut depth parameters to each one. The machine uses steel-reinforced gears and toothed belts.

The transmission is adjusted and calibrated in the factory and does not need subsequent adjustments.


The cutting table is built using a 5mm thick aluminum plate as a base (significantly higher than the normal standards), and is adjustable in order to correctly align with the cut.

The perforated top also serves as a vacuum distributor created by the vacuum pump.

The upper lining is made of non-slip material. The entire machine rests on a pedestal and all cutting materials can be stored in the lower part

The machine’s electronics are the heart of the whole system, as consequent performance will be the deciding factor in judging whether a cutter is of good quality.


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