The S.key software aims to analyze and quantify the real costs of running a business so that the entrepreneur can recover them through the product sales or services by incurring those costs.

The primary need of all companies is to achieve, in the development of their business, a turnover sufficient to cover all management costs and all fiscal or para-fiscal obligations that affect its management.

The accounting that entrepreneurs need must contain all the incurred costs (documented and undocumented, obvious costs and hidden costs, direct and indirect costs, …) that can be detected using this software: this type of accountancy is optional as it is not required by any law, but certainly necessary for the correct determination of production costs and/or services provided, and is obtained from fiscal accounting, reclassifying any item costs, and entering any voices that cannot be recorded in the regular bookkeeping.

S.key software develops the concepts and then offers the related information of minimal and essential business culture for proper business management.

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    EDO series plotter

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    Development of parametric drawing applications and customizations in AutoCAD environment
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