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Since 1987

In 1987

The early years

Microcad was founded in 1987 from the experience and know-how of professionals who had already been using informatics applied to graphics for several years.

In 1988

AutoCAD Certified Training Center

The use of AutoCAD as a work tool, version 2.1 at the time, generated a strong demand for educational courses. In responce to this demand and beneficial to offering courses of superior quality, in 1988 MicroCAD became an Authorized AutoCAD Training Center (AutoCAD Training Center).

since 1992

from 1992 to 1996

The Philips LightCAD

From 1992 to 1996 MicroCAD created the Philips LightCAD software on behalf of Philips, a software for planning and lighting calculations in internal and external environment, a product which was later distributed directly by MicroCAD.

In 1993

Autodesk Registered Developer

In addition to the execution of drawings and the organization of courses, following the several requests for AutoCAD customization in various manufacturing sectors (civil, mechanical, plant engineering), MicroCAD becomes Autodesk Registered Developer and in 1993 joins (together with two other Italian companies) the European AutoCAD application development group “AutoCAD Dream Team”, organized and supported directly by the European Autodesk Development Centre.

In 1994

In 1994

Aimpes CAD

In 1994 MicroCAD began the development of the Aimpes CAD software, for leather articles design, created for the National Leather Industries Association AIMPES.
The software, a PDM/CAD/CAM dedicated to leather goods, was initially intended only for modeling design with the aid of CAD.

In 1994

Aimpes CAD: made up of two modules

Composed of two modules (the graphic module on AutoCAD and the database). The introduction of product management makes Aimpes CAD a one of a kind product in its referenced market, allowing it to spread to other company branches as well as modeling.
The concept behind the software is that pattern making is not a separate branch of the company and the operations that are performed daily by pattern makers must be shared in real time with all other sectors of the production cycle as well.

in 1994

3D Electronic Offside Control System for Epson

In 1994 MicroCAD created the 3D Electronic Offside Control System for Epson Italia SpA, a tridimensional control device in an AutoCAD system, used during the live braodcasting of Division A. football matches by Tele+ television station.

In 2000

In 2000

Collaboration with Epson Meteo

The collaboration with Epson Meteo also began in 2000 with the creation of support tools for weather forecasting. The publishing software was used by Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta dello Sport and various other publications.

In 2000

Development of “EPE” project

At the same time, MicroCAD started developing a project, named EPE, with Seiko Epson Corporation, for measuring real time results of sport performances in the athletic field.
The software has been used for many years during the World Athletics Championships, European Championships, Coppa Italia etc.

in 2000

Custom applications

MicroCAD realized numerous specific applications for customers, solving particular problems such as parametric design of oil platforms for Agip Petroli, numerical control for the production of heat exchangers for Climaveneta Spa, parametric design of bicycle frames for Nordica Spa and many more.

referencesThey have chosen us

Since 1987, MicroCAD has been a supplier of software and services for numerous customers such as: Aimpes Servizi Srl, Agip Petroli, AMIU – Venezia, Alpes Inox Spa, Autodesk Spa, Azienda Tramvie e Autobus Comune di Roma, Cassa di Risparmio VR VI BL AN, Climaveneta Spa, CESI Spa, CNR, Enel Spa, Epson Italia Spa, Epson Meteo, Fiat Auto Spa – Alfa Romeo, Fincaer Servizi Spa, FIS Spa, Forgital Spa, Intermetro Spa, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Marmitte Zara Spa, Micrograph Spa, Nordica Spa, Istituto Univer. di Arch. di Venezia, OCSA Spa, Pedrazzoli Spa, Philips Lighting Spa, Pozzobon Prefabbricati Spa, Precompressi Valsugana Spa, Quaker Chiari & Forti Spa, Redwall Spa, RCS – Corriere della Sera, Salvagnini Italia Spa, Seiko Epson Corporation Japan, Sicif Progetti Spa, Sispi Spa, SMEV Srl, Systel International Spa, Tecnomare Spa, Tecnigold Spa, Telepiù.

Thanks to the characteristics described above, the Aimpes software is currently the absolute leader in its sector. Thanks to the characteristics described above, the Aimpes software is currently the absolute leader in its sector. AMA Srl, Fendi Srl, Salvatore Ferragamo Spa, Mulberry Company Design, Ecco Leather, Plinio Visonà Srl, Fontana Pelletterie Spa, Mabi International Spa, Valentino Bags Lab Srl, Tivoli Group Spa, Bric’s Industria Valigeria Fine e Prestige Italia Spa, as well as numerous companies that operate as contractors for famous brands (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Chloè, Hermes, etc.) are just a few examples of companies that have chosen Aimpes CAD.

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